Why is this blog exist? What is this about? Who is it for?

This blog will contain my thoughts about what I learn over the next few years about psychology, leadership, management, and being an excellent employee. These lessons will come through my formal education, my experiences, and my self-education.

Many of the posts on this site will review research articles and books I come across in my journey through getting my PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. I will also post some of the essays I write for classes, or at least some interesting chunks of them (because most people don’t want to read 10 pages of academic arguments), as well as relevant questions that I wish I had enough time to research, but don’t (yet).

My commitment to this endeavor is to continue to add to it whenever possible, even when life is at its craziest, even if I can only offer teachings without my own insights. I invite every reader to get involved, to share thoughts and opinions in a constructive manner, whether to ask question, to agree and take a thought further along the path, or to disagree entirely. This blog will hopefully serve to both further my development and to help those who come across its humble pages.


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